Archiving Policy

"The Regional Tribune (TRT)" recognizes the importance of archiving and preserving scholarly content to ensure its long-term accessibility and continued impact. As a journal dedicated to regional research studies, TRT is committed to implementing the following archiving policy:

  1. TRT utilizes reputable digital archiving services and platforms to preserve the published content in a secure and sustainable manner. This includes partnering with established archival organizations and repositories that specialize in hosting academic journals and research materials.
  2. All articles published in TRT are assigned persistent identifiers, such as Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs), to facilitate reliable and unchanging links for citation and referencing purposes. DOIs enable continued access to the content, even if the journal's hosting platform undergoes changes.
  3. TRT supports open access archiving to ensure broad dissemination of regional research findings. Published articles are deposited in recognized open access digital archives, enabling readers to access and cite the content without barriers.
  4. TRT is committed to ensuring the long-term preservation of all archived content. The journal collaborates with archiving initiatives that adhere to best practices in digital preservation, including regular backups, migration strategies, and adherence to relevant preservation standards.
  5. TRT grants perpetual access rights to the archived content, allowing readers, researchers, and institutions to retrieve, view, and utilize the regional research studies over time. Authors retain the necessary rights to deposit pre-print or post-print versions of their work in institutional or subject-based repositories.
  6. TRT maintains clear version control for archived articles, allowing users to differentiate between different iterations of the content. When updates or corrections are made to published works, the archived versions are properly preserved and labeled for transparency.
  7. TRT ensures compliance with industry-recognized archiving standards and best practices, aiming to uphold the integrity, authenticity, and accessibility of the archived content.

By implementing this archiving policy, "The Regional Tribune (TRT)" seeks to safeguard the scholarly contributions of authors and support the ongoing exploration and advancement of regional research studies.