Formatting Guidelines

The article formatting guidelines for "The Regional Tribune (TRT)" covering regional research studies include the following sections:

  1. Manuscript Structure:
    1. Title Page: Include the title of the article, author(s) name(s), affiliation(s), corresponding author’s contact details, and a brief abstract (100-250 words) summarizing the article's key findings.
    2. Introduction: Clearly state the purpose of the research, its significance, and relevant background information.
    3. Methods: Describe the research methods, materials used, and procedures followed in sufficient detail for reproducibility.
    4. Results: Present the findings of the study in a clear and concise manner. Use tables, figures, and graphs where appropriate to enhance understanding.
    5. Discussion: Interpret the results and discuss their implications, limitations, and relevance to the field. Compare findings with existing literature and offer insights into future research directions.
    6. Conclusion: Summarize the main findings of the study and their broader implications.
  2. Formatting Guidelines:
    1. Font: Times New Roman, 12-point size, double-spaced throughout the manuscript.
    2. Margins: 1-inch margins on all sides.
    3. Title: Centered, bold, and in title case.
    4. Headings: Use a clear hierarchy of headings and subheadings (e.g., Heading 1, Heading 2) to organize the content.
    5. References: Follow 7TH APA style guidelines for citations and references. Provide complete and accurate information for all cited sources. Make sure, all the in-text Citations and references are aligned with each other.
    6. Figures and Tables: Number all figures and tables sequentially, and provide clear captions. Ensure that figures and tables are of high quality and easily understandable. Avoid adding Figures and Graphs in image/screenshot form.
  3. Style Guidelines:
    1. Language: Use clear, concise, and grammatically correct language. Avoid jargon and undefined abbreviations.
    2. Tone: Maintain a professional and objective tone throughout the manuscript.
    3. Voice: Write in the active voice whenever possible to enhance clarity and readability.
    4. Ethical Considerations: Ensure that research involving human or animal subjects complies with ethical standards. Provide appropriate acknowledgment of funding sources and conflicts of interest.
  4. Submission Instructions:
    1. TRT uses Open Journal System (OJS) for all the process. Manuscripts should be submitted electronically via the journal’s online submission system.
    2. Authors are encouraged to carefully review the journal’s author guidelines before submitting their manuscript.
    3. Include a cover letter briefly summarizing the significance of the research and confirming that the manuscript has not been published elsewhere.
  5. Review Process:
    1. Submitted manuscripts will undergo a rigorous peer-review process to ensure the quality and validity of the research.
    2. Authors can expect timely and constructive feedback from reviewers to improve their manuscript if necessary.
  6. Copyright and Permissions:
    1. Authors retain copyright of their work published in TRT but are required to grant the journal a non-exclusive license to publish the article.
    2. Obtain permissions for any copyrighted material used in the manuscript (e.g., figures, tables, quotations) and provide appropriate acknowledgments.
  7. Contact Information:

For inquiries regarding manuscript submission, formatting guidelines, or other journal-related matters, please contact the editorial office at [email protected].

These guidelines aim to ensure consistency, clarity, and quality in the publication of research articles in The Regional Tribune. Authors are encouraged to adhere closely to these guidelines to facilitate the review and publication process.