Reviewing Policy

"The Regional Tribune (TRT)" is committed to maintaining rigorous standards of scholarly review and ensuring the quality and integrity of the research studies it publishes. The journal's reviewing policy encompasses the following key principles:

  1. All submissions to TRT undergo a thorough peer review process, wherein they are evaluated by experts in the relevant field of regional research studies. The peer review process is conducted with objectivity, fairness, and confidentiality to uphold the scholarly rigor of the journal.
  2. TRT engages qualified reviewers with expertise in regional studies, including academics, researchers, and practitioners who possess the necessary knowledge and experience to critically evaluate the submissions. Reviewers are selected based on their domain-specific expertise and are committed to providing constructive feedback to authors.
  3. TRT adopts a double-blind review system, where the identities of both the authors and the reviewers are anonymized to minimize bias and ensure impartial evaluation. This approach fosters an environment of fairness and impartiality in the peer review process.
  4. Reviewers assess submissions based on predetermined criteria, encompassing originality, clarity, methodological soundness, theoretical framework, empirical evidence, and contribution to the field of regional research studies. This comprehensive review framework helps maintain the standard of excellence in published content.
  5. TRT is committed to ensuring a timely and efficient review process, aiming to provide prompt feedback to authors while upholding the depth and thoroughness of the evaluation. The journal values the time and efforts of both authors and reviewers, striving to streamline the review timeline without compromising on the quality of assessment.
  6. Reviewers are encouraged to provide constructive and insightful feedback to authors, offering recommendations for improvement and commendation for notable strengths. This approach supports authors in refining their work and contributes to the overall scholarly development within the realm of regional research studies.
  7. TRT's editorial team oversees the review process, ensuring that the evaluations align with the journal's standards and contribute to the objective determination of publication suitability. The editors make final decisions based on the reviewers' comments and their own appraisal of the scholarly merit of the submissions.
  8. TRT upholds ethical standards in the review process, addressing issues related to conflicts of interest, plagiarism, and research misconduct. The journal is committed to fostering an environment of academic integrity and professional ethics throughout the review and publication processes.

By adhering to this reviewing policy, "The Regional Tribune (TRT)" endeavors to uphold the highest standards of scholarly review, contributing to the advancement and dissemination of impactful regional research studies.