Plagiarism Guidelines

Thank you for considering The Regional Tribune (TRT) as the platform for publishing your regional research studies. We take plagiarism very seriously and expect all authors to adhere to the highest ethical standards. Please follow the guidelines below to ensure your work is original and properly credited:

  1. Originality:
    • Submit only original work that has not been previously published elsewhere.
    • Properly cite and acknowledge any previously published work that you have referenced or used in your study.
  2. Citations and References:
    • Use appropriate citation styles (e.g., APA 7th) to give credit to the original sources of ideas, data, and other information used in your study.
    • Provide complete and accurate references for all cited sources, including books, articles, websites, and any other relevant materials.
    • Avoid excessive self-citation and cite your own previous work only when relevant and necessary.
  3. Paraphrasing and Quotations:
    • When paraphrasing someone else's work, ensure that you rephrase the content in your own words and provide proper citation.
    • Use quotation marks for direct quotations and provide a clear citation for the quoted material.
  4. Figures, Tables, and Images:
    • If you include figures, tables, or images from other sources, obtain permission from the original copyright holders and provide proper attribution in the figure caption or table note.
  5. Self-Plagiarism:
    • Do not submit work that substantially overlaps with your previously published articles or manuscripts.
    • If you need to include some elements from your previous work, clearly reference and cite the relevant sections.
  6. Plagiarism Detection:
    • All submitted articles will be subjected to plagiarism detection software.
    • Any instances of plagiarism or misconduct may result in immediate rejection of the submission or retraction of a published article.

By adhering to these plagiarism guidelines, you contribute to maintaining the integrity and credibility



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