Ethical Statement

I certify that "The Regional Tribune (TRT)" will only examine original manuscripts, articles, and materials that are not already being considered for publication in another journal and have not been published before. The manuscript needs to be taken down if this is found. I certify that it is my responsibility to make sure that all additional data, including the manuscript or research report, give appropriate and acceptable depth, with references listed as informational sources. I am responsible for any legal action taken against the dishonest sources if it is found that my report was submitted somewhere else at the same time. As the author, I take responsibility for the materials and contents that were sent to TRT both jointly and individually because I had a direct hand in the initial, substantial labor that resulted in the manuscript. I also certify that the plagiarism percentage in the manuscript/article is under twenty percent, and that no individual's plagiarism exceeds five percent.

If the submitted paper or article is discovered to have faked or falsified experimental findings, including image manipulation, sanctions for data fabrication and falsification will be applied. For this reason, duplicate papers raise red flags for the TRT. I certify that my work has not been published twice and that it has not been improperly divided into multiple publications based on study results. If there is duplicate content, the article might be rejected; alternatively, a request to merge submitted manuscripts or update published articles might be made. Manuscripts containing coercive, defamatory, libelous, pornographic, fraudulent, or unlawful material may be rejected by the TRT at its sole discretion, with complete responsibility resting with the writers.

The authors attest that the TRT complies with the open access policy and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.


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